Convenient Domestic and Business Storage Solutions.

Whether you’re renovating, moving house or going abroad to study, we can take care of your storage needs.

  • Short and long-term storage solutions
  • CCTV-monitored and guarded storehouse facilities
  • Complete insurance of your belongings
  • Video surveys available upon request
  • Special safety covers available upon request
  • Self-loading service
Storage Services

Make the Most of Your Removals and Storage Service with the Following Perks

Student storage solutions

Students in Australia could have a number of reasons for needing a student storage service where they can store their belongings somewhere safe. For example, students, who go home for the summer, find it cheaper to use a personal student storage facility while away than keeping up with their rent payments in Australia. Folks who travel a lot or work abroad may prefer to get temporary storage in Australia for their stuff while they’re out of the city. If you are in need of secure student storage containers in Australia, contact us and share your details with one of our representatives. Each of them will guide you on how to book the service and will also provide you with a unique quote for your particular student storage service in Australia.

Furniture storage during property renovation

It can be a pain to work around bulky furniture during a refurbishment project at home or at your commercial facility. Also, moving pieces from one room to another and worrying about covering them well with protective sheets just creates more work and adds to the stress. Contacting a professional moving house company and placing your furnishings into a personal furniture storage container with them might be just the perfect solution for you while your property is undergoing a major makeover.
Bonus tip: Sort your boxes and items properly
Make sure the boxes and items are properly sorted and labelled. The movers need to know which items to unload in your new property and which need to be placed into storage containers.

Commercial Storage

A short or long-term business storage service can save the day for many commercial property owners who are doing an office relocation. They should rest assured that their furniture and valuable equipment are secure and monitored during the removals and commercial storage process. We can also arrange complex jobs and have it done flawlessly.

If you are an online retailer who needs a business storage service to keep bulks of merchandise for a longer period of time. Learn more about our commercial storage service by contacting us 24/7.

Moving Homes

Whether you are selling up your home or you are moving out of a rented property, you may need to put your possessions into a safe storage warehouse if there’s a waiting period before moving into your new place. Or if you are planning to downsize, you could consider getting safe storage for furniture where your excess furnishings will be taken care of until you decide what to do with it.
Bonus tip: Clear out all furniture
Remove items and office consumables from drawers. Get rid of any other items stored inside dressers and wardrobes. The lighter your furniture is, the easier it will be for the movers to lift it. This will save time and eventually costs for you.


Moving Tips & Guide

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